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CityHub Cyclery

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Project Brief

This downtown Muskegon bike shop (pedal not motor) has a full line of cruisers, roadies, muddies, and now, fat tires. CityHub Cyclery's brand slogan encompassed a new attitude for bikers of all levels along with a place to gather at the hub.

This shop has women specific bikes and gear, cruisers for the laid back rider, or sleek and fast for the racing types. Shop cool brands like Felt, Yuba, Kona, Detroit Bikes and more. From stage one, their brand became the building block for merchandise, signs, sales materials, billboard campaigns, email marketing and more.

CityHub Cyclery Brochure & Embroidery

CityHub Cyclery Billboard

More Details

The CityHub Cyclery logo uses the hourglass shape of a bike chain’s outer plates to subtlely introduce a feminine feel to an industrial part of a bike. All great rides lead to coffee, so the bike chain leads the viewer to the coffee mug. We combined the sleek, contemporary sans serif font with a more traditional serif font to merge the strong history of cycling with the fresh concept of a woman friendly bike shop. Strong, active, friendly are words to describe the color palette we developed that includes bright deep purple, warm gray, energetic ruby red, and a soft vanilla.