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Van's Car Wash and Quick Lube

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Project Brief

Project Brief

Van's Car Wash & Quick Lube celebrated 50 years in 2019 with community events each month. Since 1930, Van's has been providing car washes, oil changes, and auto repairs. Our relationship began with a rebrand, transitioning the logo to a more contemporary look while still maintaining many of the current well-known elements.

Van's rebranding process led to a complete facelift including exterior signage, billboards, print ads, website development, and stationery. Today, their annual marketing plan includes website maintenance, social media management, ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), monthly promotions via text messaging, and much more.

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More Details

Van's branding was originally developed in 1976 so it was time for a refresh. To ensure the brand equity was retained, we strategically kept the original colors and made minor adjustments to the logo-type. We also assisted in developing a 50-year anniversary version for their brand.

  • Trademark (logo) rebrand
  • Create branding guidelines
  • Identify perceived and desired image
  • Define color palette
  • Develop approved positioning statement
  • Outline key descriptive words and approved messaging
  • Rollout new branding across marketing and corporate collateral materials

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Van's hosted a contest to win a lease on a new Jeep. Customers could enter to win online or in-person at a variety of community events. Each entry also served as an opt-in to a new texting campaign that would provide coupons and special offers throughout the year. The mobile phone database continues to grow and it is now integrated with social media and e-news campaigns.

2019 marked a significant milestone: serving the Muskegon area for 50 years. To celebrate, a complete annual media plan was created an implemented. It included television and outdoor campaigns along with specific events each month with various partners like the Muskegon Chamber, the Lumberjacks, MCC Men's Soccer and more. Van's also hosts an annual Haunted Car Wash at the Apple location. All the proceeds from the event benefit a local charity. In 2019, Pioneer Resources was the recipient of the funds.