Video Production

Video marketing is not new. However, it’s taking a more central role as a powerful, effective part of online marketing. Studies show people would prefer to watch a two-minute video versus taking 15 minutes to read the same information in print. Be it a product video, training module, customer testimonial, new service or promotional....we’re ready to help you make it a reality.

Video as Part of Your Marketing Plan

Adding video to your marketing mix can boost conversions by 80% on platforms like social media, e-news campaigns, and websites! Watching a compelling video message can influence buying behavior and persuade an online visitor to convert into a lead. We'll lead you through the process to create a unique video for your company or organization. From the storyboard and script to custom on-location footage and final post-production, our process ensures your message is captured and optimized for use on platforms like Facebook, website, e-news and more.

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Geerpres® 2018 Enterprise Cart

Even before the cart was manufactured, only a 3D video could completely capture the modular EVS cart and all its unique cleaning and adaptable features. We worked with Freshwater Digital's 3D specialists to produce this product video for use across all of Geerpres's digital platforms.

Every Woman's Place

Non-profit organizations need video to transport an audience or potential donor through the emotion of needs in our community. For Every Woman's Place, each individual story shares personal details, fears, and hopes that make it clear to viewers that the organization is impacting real people.

Advantex® G8 Microfiber Applicator System

With Geerpres's diverse product line up, our team needed to capture the unique selling points of the new Advantex® G8 Microfiber Applicator System. Targeted specifically for the healthcare industry, pre-planning required securing a hospital location, models and footage specific to the industry. The final product video shows the Advantex® G8 mop's push spray feature alongside a large-capacity removable tank that makes refilling easy.

Every Woman's Place Donor Video

By spotlighting a donor and organization supporter, the video challenges its audience to rise up and join the mission. Video is a powerful way to add credibility to your fundraising message.

Geerpres® Project Trolley

Geerpres® has a complete library of product videos to showcase all their hospital, housekeeping and EVS carts. Targeted at healthcare professionals, this video showcases the Project Trolley's large size and maneuverability. 

Geerpres® Linen Hamper Assembly Instructions

With product videos, typically instructional versions follow for assembly and usage. The video gives the user easy to follow assembly instructions by Geerpres®. 

Geerpres® Linen Hamper

The Geerpres® Linen Hamper has a unique feature which is captured in this short product video. The hamper has an unbreakable lid, a virtually silent “soft” and hands-free close, and the durability Geerpres® is known for in the healthcare industry.

No More Sidelines

Even on a tight budget, we captured the No More Sidelines story by utilizing existing footage, still photography, and graphics. This is an example of a simple and affordable way to include video into marketing efforts that support organizational fundraising efforts.